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Make 2019 Your Year of Epic Adventure!

Exploring the gaps between our individual experiential worlds is the fun part. This is where the conversation starts.

Ask 20 people how they experienced a situation and you will receive 20 different answers. Ask 15 people what they think about a certain topic and you will receive at least 10 (radically) different perspectives, some of which you might not have dreamed of. Yes, there clearly is a gap between our individual experiential worlds. We have seen this in the various mini assignments of the Advent Calendar - most of your answers were as diverse as they could be.

When it comes to professional practice, creativity and innovation, this is where the conversation needs to take place: in the gap between our individual experiential worlds.

The art of good moderation and community facilitation lies in creating an atmosphere where community members can negotiate and create a model of the world they can agree on, and establish common ground. It further lies in allowing them to become aware of and explore the gaps between their individual experiences -- not just experiences of the outside world but also experiences of their own behaviour and relationships. Only then we can start talking about our professional practice effectively and come up with innovative solutions. 

I invite you and your team to appreciate the complexity of exploring the gaps in between -- so that you'll find what you look for! Make 2019 your year of epic adventure!

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