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Day 6 / Creating out of Excitment

Aktualisiert: 10. Dez. 2018

William Blake, the 18th century Visionary Poet, differentiates between the world of experience and the world of innocence. Most people create out of experience. On Day 6, we asked what you create out of excitment.

Find your inspiring and poetic answers below.

I need to feel a private silence inside myself. Then I can inspire myself and spread love, passion and inspiration to my beloved, friends and anyone who needs inspiration.

I write poems and paint landscapes out of inspiration.

I like to cook and create dishes.

All my ideas live deep inside of me already, like sculptures already exist deep inside the marble, the sandstone. All the sculptor does is freeing the sculptures - just like all I do, is freeing my ideas. It is not the idea itself that excites me, but the fact that I managed to free it.

I like to explore new ways of thinking and acting.

I often think about my work. Sometimes ideas come to me. I let them grow like flowers. Every now and then I pick one.

I am inspired to change and develop my mind, to find new approaches and different points of view.

I am excited to create skills and ideas to make my life feel better.

Improvisations on the piano excite me.

It excites me to create lively stories out of dry facts.

Experience is a basic thing. But I always try to be open to the moment. To be open to the needs of the people around me, and also more and more to my own needs.

I feel inspired when I create magic worlds of words.

I am inspired when building an atmosphere of confidence and trust.

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