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Day 5 / Beauty at Work

Some people think that work and beauty do not go together. On Day 5, we asked you to look around and share what you find beautiful at work. It's awesome how many good inputs you sent through!

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To put it in a nutshell, your answers suggest that beauty at works is based on "satisfaction" on the one hand and "appreciation" on the other hand.

See your beautiful answers below.

It is like being an architect: building new concepts of living together; building bridges for people to a world they could not see or feel before.

I find it beautiful to do varying, exciting, interesting work.

I see beauty in new experiences, in dealing with diversified, new topics I can learn from.

Beauty at work for me means new challenges, mutual respect, cooperation.

Every day brings new things, unexpected pleasantries (and unpleasantries), energy, people.

I experience beauty when I feel accepted by my co-workers, when I find times of rest to get my work done and when I sense an atmosphere of cheerfulness.

I feel happy and proud when my colleagues are praised for their great work by our customers.

Drawings, snowflakes and family make me feel beautiful.

It is beautiful and fulfilling for me to work in the social field.

It is beautifulo to talk with my colleagues about this year's successful and happy moments.

I find it really beautiful to work with friendly, intelligent and ambitious people.

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