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Day 4 / Mini Survey

Thank you for taking part in the mini survey on Day 4. Altogether, 15 people took the survey. The results may not surprise you too much. However, let's look at them.

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As many as 80 % of you think that upside-down management can improve work ethics. It would be interesting to learn if and how upside down management is successfully implemented and practiced in your organisation.

About one third of you observe hurry sickness in their context, which can be seen as a sign of our time. The refreshing and optimistic inputs of Day 3 might help us define concrete actions to counteract hurry sickness.

20% of you think that giving up sleep can make us more successful. It certainly depends on how many hours of sleep we need. Some people can do with 3-4 hours, others need 5-6, and yet others need 7-8 hours of sleep to feel refreshed. Are those who need more hours of sleep at a disadvantage?

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