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Day 19 / Cabinet of Curiosity

Aktualisiert: 27. Dez. 2018

On Day 19, we asked you what kind of tools and gadgets or other mysterious things we'd find in the Wunderkammer (wonder room) of your organisation. We really love all your answers!

- The magic high performance computer called Adolar, which calculates everything and anything

- A real birchtree and a robot one, a Shakespeare drama, a collection of genius music records (Bach, Beethoven, Coltrane)

- Since it's in my organisation I would give inspirational impulses with Plato and his book "Der Staat"

- My Wunderkammer would be equipped with chairs like the ones in the movie "A Space Oddysey "by Stanley Kubrick

- A slowing-down-time machine

- A Rubik's cube, a chess game, a model of the universe, a violin

- A Nuremberg funnel for knowlege management :-)

- An always friendly colleague, a stone of wisdom for decision making processes

- A lion !

- A sponsoring machine

- My old teacher

- A powder that makes people fearless

- A mirror which can show the colour of the heart

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