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Day 14 / Magic Potion

If I poured you some magic potion, what ingredients would make you feel wise, enlightened and knowledgeable?

- A touch of life

- A look behind the scenes

- Clarity

- A brilliant idea

- Belief in my abilities

- Some inspiring feedback on my attitude

- A new solution

- A bright light

- A faithful feeling

- Wisdom, sense and respect

- One teaspoon of patience, one cup of open mindedness and a pint of love and nice memories: that's the secret

- Experience of the positive impact I have on others

- Grated letters (of the alphabet), sunflowers, stinging-nettles and - mistletoes :)

- A nice cup of coffee and a chat with you

- A stable environment so that I can go deep with the project

- Weitblick (vision and foresight) and Gelassenheit (serenity)

- Mint: for refreshing ideas; chocolate: for sweet thoughts; coconut: for exotic inspiration

What magic potion are you going to mix for your team, your family and friends? Do you already know the secret ingredients that will make them feel wise, creative and motivated?

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