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Day 12 / Whenever We Leave Our Box

It bothers many CEOs, politicians, development teams, innovation departments, and it surely bothers you: how can we become more effective and resourceful problem solvers?

Back in 2010, an IBM survey of 1,500 CEOs in 33 industries found that "creativity was the most crucial factor for success." Today, "creative" is a buzzword.

The real question isn't "How creative are you?" but rather "How are you creative?" According to renowned researchers we can train our creativity skills. The trick is to regularly engage in small creative activities - like the Advent Calendar challenge - and learn and practice these small techniques in order to "make creativity happen instead of waiting for it to bubble up."

On Day 12, we asked you where you encounter fresh ideas once you leave your "box". See your inspiring answers below!

- I am able to see new ways wherever I can face real life. This might even happen in a crowded place. Observing others in their daily routine is as if I look into a mirror and see myself. Then I see what I need to change.

- I mostly encounter fresh ideas when I meet people of my profession but from other companies. Sometimes ideas arise while I am talking to others about my own work.

- When hiking in the mountains or looking at the sea from a hill – these moments allow me to literally and figuratively change perspective.

- Instead of out of the blue, I go in to the blue: outdoors under the blue skies I try to give new thoughts all the room they need.

- Whenever I manage to escape my daily routine and feel silence inside myself.

- In the shower, cleaning the house, knitting, walking ...

- When brainstorming and designing new solutions.

- When exploring (new) cultural themes and topics.

- In the spaces in between: they allow me to breathe, connect different thoughts.

- I cook.

- I try to discuss things with younger people.

- When visiting art exhibitions.

- In good books, special newspapers, theaters, songs, exibitions, biographies, special people, when traveling.

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