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Day 1 / On Time

In the fantasy world of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), Lewis Carroll plays fast and loose with the passage of Time (as exemplified by the always busy and time-pressured White Rabbit and the MadHatter’s watch, which shows months instead of hours).

Our perception of Time clearly defines how we experience the world. In an era of (self-) tracking and (self-) quantification where technology allows us to measure every step we take, we wish for more quality time, which you describe as follows:

Loving, laughing, living (the really important things)

People, actions and things I am passionate about

Travelling the world

Listening to music and dreaming

Enjoying nature

Doing workout

Being thankful for such a wonderful life

Reading good books

Things I did in my childhood and teenage years, such as travelling and reading

My beloved family

2 h

To revisit the allegory of the White Rabbit, whose understanding of time is based on his need to keep running and monitor every step he takes, his stress seems to reflect our current obsession with being ‘constantly on’ and is created by a one-dimensional, chronological concept of time and the technology he carries (his watch).

Time is elastic

Media artist and researcher Alvaro Cassinelli offers us a non-chronological, multi-dimensional, elastic experience of time. He encourages us to play with this new dimension of time and go beyond current forms of exclusively temporal control.

Define your 'islands of time'

It may be worth taking a moment to pause and think of how such a multi-dimensional, elastic approach towards time may change our perception of time and our well-being. Imagine yourself or your team working on an ‘island of time’, surfing on ‘temporal waves’ rather than having to deliver in (too) short time slots. Wouldn’t that be exciting, adventurous, even result in a productivity-boost?

That’s a nice thought but impossible. My team will laugh at me’, you may think. But perhaps your team, together with you, would love to define and create their specific 'islands of time', whatever they may be called ...

Watch how Alvaro Cassinelli's Khronos projector plays with time (click on the titles below):

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