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We have seen that liveblogs can serve as a highly effective educational and knowledge sharing tool in the digital age. They help you engage your audience - leaders, teams, students, conference or sporting events participants. Providing effective real-time reports and relevant content will keep your target group up to date and allow them to understand why an issue matters. What is more, the format allows your learners to build 21st century skills fast and efficiently.

pays attention to detail
sees the bigger picture
patient, structured and flexible


Drs. Eric Willemsen
Journalism & Communications Science

has an eye for aesthetics
strong willpower
creative and caring

Dr. Christina Merl
 Learning Experience Design & Translation Science

Christina Merl and Eric Willemsen work at the intersection of media, education and art. They are both passionate about 21st century skills and enjoy implementing creative and visionary projects under the label of Poetry in Business.

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